Tobie Liedes

Paintings from Studio Liedes


Recent Art

Floral abstract acrylic painting
Acrylic Abstract of a collapsing adobe building
Abstract acrylic painting of a winter landscape
Acrylic landscape painting of snow-covered mountains
Acrylic landscape painting of horseback riders in purple sage
Acrylic painting of a horseback rider looking back along the trail through aspens
Acrylic abstract painting of a mountain cabin
Acrylic landscape painting of an abandoned farm
Acrylic painting of water bubbles floating over river rocks
Acrylic landscape painting of a dirt road winding through trees
Acrylic landscape painting
Acrylic painting of ripples on river rocks
Acrylic abstract landscape painting of a stump in the forest
acrylic abstract painting of barns on a hillside
Acrylic abstract painting of an abandoned building