Tobie Liedes

Paintings from Studio Liedes

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Artist Biography

self portrait, portrait, electronic portrait
Self portrait done in Photoshop

Tobie Liedes is a native Montanan who was raised in Lewistown and now lives in East Helena. Growing up as a country girl, she explored her world from the back of a very tall, dappled gray horse. She drew and later painted what she saw on her long rides.


Originally an oil painter, Tobie abandoned that medium when cancer attributed to the use of solvents used in painting with oil claimed the lives of a college friend and her mentor. She switched to water medium. She paints primarily in acrylic, but with watercolor color and inks as well.


In 2014, Tobie accepted a challenge to paint 100 paintings in one year. This challenge proved to be a blessing as it forced her to develop a recognizable style. "I never imagined I would love painting with a palette knife," she says. "The palette knife allows me to quickly block in large areas and prevents me from piddling with small details that bogged my previous paintings down."


Her technique is to paint layers, allowing the acrylic paint to dry between applications. The result is a painting with a rough texture in which colors from previous layers peek through.


Tobie has won several awards for her paintings and had numerous solo art shows in Montana and Wyoming.